Sydney Wilson, Staff Writer

The act of namjooning is defined as “The act of living as Kim Namjoon. This includes taking walks through parks, admiring nature, hanging out with crabs, and having fun with friends.” Who is Kim Namjoon? “Kim Nam-Joon, better known by his stage name RM, is a South Korean rapper, songwriter and record producer. He is the leader of the South Korean boy group BTS.”- Wikipedia. He was born in Seoul, South Korea on September 12, 1994. He is an ENFP personality type (yes this has significance). He is self taught in Englishand studied other languages in New Zealand for 4 months in his adolescence. He debuted in the Kpop group BTS in 2013. 

The term Namjooning was officially “established on August 18, 2019 when an ARMY asked, on Weverse, what BTS were doing during their vacation; RM responded with, “i’m namjooning.”- usbtsarmy. Namjooning is easy and simple to incorporate into your everyday life. All you need to do is take a walk, read a book, hang out with crabs (or go to red lobster and chill with those sad little lobster boys at the front), make a collage with leaves/flowers/plants, plant a garden, go to a park, or hang out with friends. Anything you find relaxing and enjoyable could be considered namjooning. 

If you want the full effect of namjooning there are a few things you will need. 

  • First you need a BAD haircut that you will forever regret, that later turned into beautiful amazing hair that’s probably damaged from dying it so frequently.
  • Next you need an IQ of at least 140 (Kim Namjoon’s IQ is 148)
  • Then you need to be skilled in rapping, writing, and producing
  • Finally you’ll need an incredibly stressful job that has garnered you millions of dollars that you need a break from desperately

Once you accomplish all of these things you will be able to truly live as Kim Namjoon and enjoy the effects of namjooning.