How COVID-19 Is Affecting Students

Vincent Vanderhoof, Staff Writer

COVID-19, a virus nowadays which many have thoughts and opinions on. COVID has caused many problems not just towards the elderly and infants but even on students. Yes students, which some may not notice but COVID has affected students as well, so I decided to interview students on the matter to get their thoughts and opinions on COVID.

First, I’ll start with Chance Yount on his thoughts and opinions on COVID. So I started by asking Chance, “What are your thoughts on COVID?” He had replied with “I dislike COVID as many people do, and I find it a difficult time to live in.” After that I had asked him a question about the mask mandate, to which he stated, “I personally dislike it, and I believe it will be difficult for students with breathing and sensory disabilities.” These were just two of the questions I had asked Chance but I found his response’s quite interesting because, he had got into a conflict which many people talk about mask’s because of disabilities they have so this coming from a student it interested me greatly because I was not expecting to get such a controversial statement on the mask’s.

Next I interviewed Shane McClymonds and his thoughts and opinions on COVID. I had asked Shane the same questions I had asked Chance, Shane’s response to the first question was, “I think COVID  is a serious matter and has affected many people’s lives and even student’s, I know it has affected mine especially last year during the second quarter where everyone had to be online for school it had dropped my grades greatly. But with COVID I believe that us students can have a great impact on stopping COVID cases by wearing our masks and doing whatever we can to stop the spread of COVID.”

I had chosen to write this story because I believe it will help students have a better chance of understanding COVID and how to stop the spread. I again give thanks to the two students I have interviewed, Chase and Shane you two were a great help with your thoughts you have given about COVID. I hope it will have a great impact on you students and that it may cause a discussion among you to talk to your other students about COVID to understand it more as well.