New and Improved

Ella Stewart , Staff Writer

Throughout the years of Meadville Area Senior High School, the library has been updated and improved! The library from the start of my 9th-grade year to now has changed with the painting, books, and furniture. The library looks more like a cafe and a place to relax than an old-fashioned library thanks to the librarians, Amy Lynn and Lynda Crecraft. 

When you walk into the big doors of the library there is a very new section of new arrivals for you to read and enjoy in your free time. They are young adult books for us students to read. As you walk in there is a very nice fall display and also there has been a lot of money spent on the books to keep them taken care of and clean for your enjoyment and safety! This new year, everyone should start reading more and the librarians want to help kids reading since it’s very important to get those 1000 page books in your brain.

They first started with the beautiful painting of red, grey, and black. They put tons of new furniture to help be relaxed. They recently just received the new circle chairs and more stealing to sit and read or even do your homework. They also have a big green screen for projects and photos to be taken for many events. They also have cute little stickers on the walls above for reading and the new cafe that’s going to be starting up!

With the new year, the librarians wanted to help the students be more involved.  They will be opening up a cafe very soon. They will be having a meeting with the Credit Union on when and how this cafe will open and will keep you posted on when the arrival will happen. However, the most important thing is they want your help to create the snacks and the coffee! The different types of coffee and different snacks you guys will love. Having your feedback will be amazing with the opening. 

The librarians will keep you posted on when and where this new cafe will be. We would love your feedback on the supplies and food. Please stop by the library and just relax and enjoy the new books coming in!