Beware-Party Time is Here!

Haley Bucci, Staff Writer

In light of the spooky season, the search for the perfect costume is finally here. Halloween parties are very popular, but both a parent and teen need to understand substance use risks and stay safe during these scary times. Nobody realizes that taking something one time can result in a lifetime of addiction whether it be alcohol or any drug. There are so many health conditions attributable to our actions, that is why it is so important to educate ourselves. 

When it comes to fitting in or being popular, doing what seems to be the right thing usually takes a turn for the worst. Dependency on alcohol has increased, and sometimes there’s difficulty in saying “NO.” Peer pressure means an influence from an individual’s peer group, best exemplified by ACHIEVE Medical, “If drinking is a part of the party, saying ‘no’ can be difficult. Peer pressure, coupled with the desire for approval, can increase the risk of drinking.” If put in such a situation, reach out for help, come up with solutions to prevent peer pressure, or possibly find an alternative for drinking. Consequently, educate and stay informed to keep you and your body safe and healthy.

Teen drinking has many effects on our organ systems and these can be lifelong, or even result in death. A “beer gut”, what many people consider the weight they gain from drinking is the result of the number of carbs and fat consumed even from one can. As a result of increased carbs, an individual’s kidneys’ could begin to fail, causing a feeling of shortness of breath, swelling, confusion, etc. What we don’t realize is how much this affects our nervous system, as W&L explains, “even low doses of alcohol impair brain function, judgment, alertness, coordination and reflexes. Very high doses cause suppression of respiration and death.” You are the gatekeeper to your future, your actions reflect on who you’re as a person. In other words, find ways to either decrease the amount of partying, prevent alcohol use, or surround yourself with people who will respect you while intoxicated. 

In conclusion, drinking can be extremely dangerous and it is important to know the risks. Remember, it’s okay to say “No”, even if it doesn’t seem cool. Halloween is a time to have fun and enjoy time with your friends, watching a scary movie and eating snacks is a good alternative to teen drinking. Happy Halloween, stay safe!

There are so many ways that can help prevent teen drinking, both as a teen or a parent:


  1. Be available to pick your child up if they want from a party. Set guidelines
  2. Meet your child’s friends. This gives you a bigger perspective on who your son/daughter is hanging out with.
  3. Listen to and create a trusting relationship so your child can come to talk to you comfortably.
  4. Lock up the alcohol! Teens can be secretive, sometimes it takes keeping secrets from them to keep them safe.


  1. Play a sport 
  2. Hang around people who don’t drink 
  3. Get help! Talk to somebody
  4. Stay in and spend time with family
  5. Don’t let someone peer pressure you into drinking, it’s okay to say NO!