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The Bark

Kim and Kanye’s Sanctuary

January 13, 2022

Kim and Kanye’s Sanctuary By Justyce Overmier Most anyone would be confused and feel awkward walking into Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s house. Their house widely and dominantly presents a strong...

Christmas Movie? That’s a Nightmare!

Jay Overmier, Staff Writer December 22, 2021

All of you reading this have probably watched the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. If you have, then you'll know it has both Christmas and Halloween elements throughout the story line.However,...

Their Culture is Not Your Costume

Jay Overmier, Staff Writer October 27, 2021

Imagine being at a Halloween party and somebody walks into the party in black face and say they are dressed as Kanye West. Anyone would be uncomfortable seeing that and would not be able to justify it....

Welcoming the New Staff!

Jay Overmier, Staff Writer September 27, 2021

Meadville Area Senior High is welcoming many new teachers and staff this school year. Many of us students have the opportunity to meet them and be in their classes. As well as we are, they have been getting...

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