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The Bark

The Bark

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Leaving a Legacy, Go Dogs!

Elliott Schleicher April 20, 2022

Fans are hoping for another monumental season with the bulldog crew. They are currently ranked #1 in the state. With the combination of the excellent coaching staff and 5 of the 6 starters returning, (Caden...

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Space Hippies Save the Earth

Elliott Schleicher, Staff Writer January 26, 2022

The Why Global warming is a huge issue that is consuming our Earth. If we don’t take steps to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions in our atmosphere we will surely destroy it. Part of working towards...

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Menacing Matchups

Elliott Schleicher, Staff Writer December 22, 2021

Americans have many interesting and unusual traditions for many of our holiday’s and sporting events. But some of the most unusual traditions and trophies can be found in college football rivalries....

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The Digital Art Dilemma

Elliott Schleicher, Staff Writer November 22, 2021

Whether you like it or not, technology has impacted every single aspect of our modern lives. The art world is no exception. Technology is a double edged sword, it has helped us in the evolution of all...

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How Horror Haunts You

Elliott Schleicher, Staff Writer October 27, 2021

BANG! A wardrobe falls to the floor. Your heart jumps out of your chest. You watch as the main character creeps around the house looking for a killer and you see a shadow move across a wall. We all know...

Magnifying the Effect of The Male Gaze

Elliott Schleicher, Staff Writer September 27, 2021

In the popular 2007 film Transformers there is a famous scene which features a shot panning up Megan Fox’s body while she is leaning over a car. She is dressed in provocative clothing and stays completely...

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