Meadville Boys Soccer Kicking it With Their New Coach

Two soccer players chase the ball at the stadium

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Two soccer players chase the ball at the stadium

Jessie Aitken, Staff Writer

Do you currently, or have you ever played a sport? As athletes, we know how much a coach affects the game. A lot of their decisions and ways of coaching determine the outcome of the season. After many games of both success and failure with the girl’s soccer team, coach Jim Miller is now coaching the boy’s soccer team. The boys ended their first season with a playoff game against Cathedral Prep. Unfortunately, the result was a double-digit loss. Watching the game myself, I could tell that they played very hard. You could tell that they had so much heart and though they lost, many left that field with smiles on their faces not letting the defeat crush their ambition. We can expect the team to only get better as the years go on, and as it seems, many of the boys agree. 

Two brothers who are seniors, just joined the team this year. Mark and Carl Dait had no experience with the sport, yet the skills they learned in just one season are astounding. They were previously wrestlers and participated in track. Carl, the youngest of the two, said, “I personally think that in every game I played well. The best game I had though, was when I got my first goal against Corry. I personally believe that going against Prep was the hardest game I’ve ever played.” Carl could be seen on the field outrunning most of the other players. He might’ve been smaller but he could run much faster. Miller managed to turn two wrestlers into soccer players in just one soccer season. 

Many of the players said that the season has gone a lot better than others thanks to Miller. Simon Farrelly-Jackson, one of the team’s goalies was asked what went well overall during the playoffs. He answered, “No matter the score we still had fun with each other, even if we lost.” Miller gave the team a fun season. It was obvious to see the brotherhood of the boy’s soccer team that was created. They were always laughing and having a good time with each other. Despite the losses they had they were always supporting each other. 

Another player, Casey Fuller, a sophomore said, “He has challenging drills that push us and make us better and he has a soccer travel club that gives us more opportunities to get better.” Miller is great at helping players push past their limits. He is always willing to challenge both himself and his team to become better. The team chant, “how much faith do you need? A mustard seed”, is a great way to see the type of coach he is. He drills it into his player’s minds that even the smallest ounce of faith is enough to accomplish anything. He is always up to play teams that are of higher skill levels because that’s how you get better. 

Coach Miller gave the team a successful season. He was able to create an amazing atmosphere for the players to better their skills. The team seems to genuinely like him and they believe that he is a great coach. We can probably expect to see many more successful players and soccer seasons when it comes to the boy’s soccer team. They will most likely continue to get better. Maybe there will be playoff champions in the future!