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Two-Edged Policy of This Generation

Two-Edged Policy of This Generation

Existing studies provide evidence that allowing phones in the classroom negatively impacts test scores and long-term learning retention” (Emily Boudreau). Many students and parents already have a prominent opinion on the cell phone policy being mandated throughout schools across the country. Yet, the question we have to ask ourselves is this: is the cell phone policy helping or harming more than we think ? Numerous advantages can come from the policy whether students like it or not. I believe that the cell phone policy is overall a very beneficial tool that schools are using for the sake of student’s future careers and overall well being. Countless school kids are mad about it but maybe we can try to see the beauty in it. 


Why Should the Policy be Enforced? 

 Benefits that can come from having the policy in place, is that students can actually focus during class and their screen time can be reduced by a significant amount of time. Students finally being able to focus can cause their grades and effort to improve. 


What Makes Students Upset About This Policy? 

There are cons to this policy such as how some people focus better when they are listening to their own music. Do not fear, for this can easily be solved. 


Pro 1: No Distraction will be in Sight.

Students won’t have a device that distracts them from getting their work done. For example, Emily Bourdreau, a writer for The Harvard Graduate School of Education, says,“Research has shown that cell phones distract and negatively impact reaction times, performance, enjoyment of focal tasks, and cognitive capacity”. When teachers give out an assignment to do, some students may see their phone and think oh I will just do it later. Not having their phone physically in front of them helps them to actually forcefully do their work. The constant notifications in the palm of one’s hand is also very distracting and the phones being in a numbered pouch helps eliminate that key distraction. According to Gitnux Market Data, “68% of students reported that ringing cell phones were the most common electronic external distractor, with 21% of them being extremely distracted by the noise, demonstrating that cell phone noise in classrooms can be disruptive.” Again, this shows that no student benefits from the constant distraction cell phones in the classroom brings, which is why the cell phone pouch is very effective at the cell phone being out of reach and touch. 


Pro 2: Reduce the Amount of Time Spent on Phones.

Another issue that arises from having cell phones is that nowadays the limit spent on the phones is OUT OF THIS WORLD! The screentime of students’ phones can be reduced HEAVILY by the implication of a numbered pocket chart, kids will no longer be stuck on their screen trying to text others that are not physically around them, but what happens if they get in an argument before class starts?  For example,“Say you and a friend or a boyfriend/girlfriend get in an argument, you’re going to be more worried about that than your school work” (Middleborough Educational Television). The time spent on one’s phone is so HIGH and before you know it, you spend the entire day glued to your phone. That allows students’ to socialize with those around them and not with people online which can also stop online bullying. It will also be harder to cheat on homework assignments and tests. The Middleborough Educational Television says,“When it comes to taking a test they have no idea what the answers are so many students will cheat and not even learn anything.” If there’s a will there’s a way, even if teachers constantly monitor their students, one could sneakily pull up their phone and easily cheat on any assignment or test. Not having a phone in the reach of a students desk helps ensure that cheating won’t be so easy and they will actually be forced to learn since there is nothing else for them to try and do during the class time. 


Cons: Reason As to Why Some are Against the Policy. 

A downside of not having cell phones is that some people focus better when they are listening to music. The Healthline states, “Researchers found evidence to suggest that music can engage your brain in such a way that it trains it to pay better attention to events and make predictions about what might happen”. A few students may have trouble concentrating with the silence in the classroom. This can easily be solved by either having students work out in the hallway where they can hear the noises that may come from other classrooms or the teacher could play piano or other sounds that don’t have lyrics in it. Kids may also want their phones as a sense of security and that they are able to contact their parents whenever an emergency may arise. This can be easily solved by being able to have students grab their phone in a sense of security. Teachers would also have their phone and students could go to them in order to call their parents if they really needed them. 


How is this Policy Important? 

The cell phone policy is overall a great addition to the new school year. Many students will finally be able to focus and get their assignments completed on time, with the best amount of effort. The question I leave you with is would students rather keep their phones with the constant distraction and obtain bad grades, or have the phones be up and out of the way so that your grades/effort can be to their fullest potential? 




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