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Best Christmas Movies Ever

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year To Watch Some Christmas Movies!!!

“Nielsen in 2021 estimated that more than 80 million people watch at least a few minutes of a Hallmark movie each Christmas season.” It’s the best time of the year to watch some Christmas movies for the Holiday Season. Many families, both children and adults that celebrate Christmas enjoy the festive season by watching Christmas movies at least one point or another from November through December. But what are the best movies to watch during Christmas time? 

1.) Home Alone: Home Alone was directed by Rod Daniel, Dan Mazer, Raja Gosnell, Peter Hewitt, and Chris Columbus, it stars a little boy named Kevin McCallister played by Macaulay Culkin. In the movie, this little boy misbehaved the night before his family planned to go on a trip for Christmas so he had to sleep in the attic of his house that led his family to forget about bringing him on their trip in the morning. Over this time, the little boy (Kevin) realizes that he has the house to himself which he is glad about but then two people try to break into his house while he is home alone so he has to stop this from happening the best ways that he can. This movie came out November 16th 1990 and should get a 5/5 star rating. This movie can be a little sad at times but it gives off a mainly happy feeling to it. It shows the adventures of a young boy but also shows how people need to watch what they wish for as it shows the connections between families. Home Alone is also one of the most watched Christmas movies of all time. This movie is remembered by many to this day as people still remember lines from it like , “Keep the Change, Ya Filthy Animal”.

2.) The Polar Express: This movie came out in 2004 and was directed by Robert Zemeckis. The Polar Express is about a little boy (voiced by Daryl Sabra) that doesn’t have much Christmas spirit like everyone else and has a hard time believing in Santa. This little boy ends up in a magic train called the polar express and they’re brought to the North pole where they end up getting a big rush of Christmas spirit. This movie seems a little slow at times but the whole story ends up in the end working out and connecting. So this movie gets a 4.5/5 star rating. This movie is also almost a classic for the kids in elementary school because in most of these grades before winter break, they have Christmas parties that usually involve them watching the Polar Express so they learn how to truly believe in the spirit of Christmas. For example in the movie. Santa says “The True Spirit Of Christmas Lies In Your Heart.”

3.) How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Ron Howard directed this movie starring Jim Carrey. It came out in 2000 and is about a creature like person who has a lot of hate in his heart towards Christmas and all things jolly. This leads the grinch to take the decorations and presents from the families in the town below him so that this gets him back his peace and quiet but so he can also really destroy their happy Christmas time. This movie should get a 4/5 star rating as it moves at a slower pace at times. But this was based off of a classic Dr. Seuss’ book so many remember it, it shows a new type of town with new people and colors, and it shows how not everyone is happy around the holiday’s. A famous line from the Grinch is when he says “hate, hate, hate”.

All in all, these Christmas movies, Home Alone, The Polar Express, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas have to be some of the best movies that have been made ever for this time of the year! 

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