MASH’s 2022 Winter Choir Concert


Caylin Young

MASH’s Winter Choir Concert.

Caylin Young, Staff Writer

Every year here at Meadville Area High School we have a holiday concert in December. Both our middle school students and high school students get the same opportunity to participate in the chorus concert my signing up to take a chorus class. Our choir teacher Ms. Moyer puts in a lot of her time and dedication into helping her students pick songs, rehearse, and plan the entire concert. Each year Ms. Moyer helps her choir students choose a variety of songs for each of the holidays that students at are school may celebrate. After choosing the songs the students rehearse with Ms. Moyer for weeks to perfect their performance the best that they can. This year our middle school choir, high school treble, MASHapella, and combined choir performed twelve different songs. These songs included Carol of the Bells (Willhousky), Auld Lang Syne (Campbell & Francis), Slow Dancing in the Snow (Althouse), Danny Boy (Knowles), Walk Together Children (Hogan), Home (Billingsley), God Bless the U.S.A (Schmidt), Ballgame (Morton), I Put a Spell On You (Narverud), Over the River and Through the Woods (Gilpin), Candle in the Night (Eddleman), and Holly Jolly Christmas (Shaw). Sitting in the audience as you watched and listened to the choir students perform you could tell that they put in time, hard-work, and dedication into their song choices, rehearsals, and their performance. The student’s voices were clear, and you could understand the words they were singing, and they were all dressed up in different holiday outfits of their choice. Majority of the choir students were there to perform leaving maybe one or two places on stage empty. The concert was enjoyable, well planned, clear, inclusive, and overall wonderful. Ms. Moyer and here choir students did an amazing job planning, rehearsing, and perform their songs.