Kim and Kanye’s Sanctuary

Kim and Kanye’s Sanctuary

By Justyce Overmier

Most anyone would be confused and feel awkward walking into Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s house. Their house widely and dominantly presents a strong minimalistic and modernized style. In much simpler terms, their house is plain and almost empty. Almost every room in the house was designed under Kanye’s ideas and visions. Seeing the home, you may question the reasoning and thought process behind the home’s design. Looking further into possible reasoning may prove to be very interesting and eye-opening. 

Their home certainly is unique and different. Inside the home is a major lack of color and personality, and presents extreme minimalism. In the category of furniture, they have next to none throughout the whole house. The furniture they do have is very minimalistic and is either a variation of the color white or other very, neutral shades. The walls are plain and empty, and decorations like paintings, vases, carpets, are kept at a minimal.

Throughout the house there is a major lack of detail. Kanye has described the home as a “Futuristic Belgian Monastery”. When their home designer, Axel Vervoordt,  was asked about the Kim and Kanye residence he said, “we(referring to Kanye) had a strong conversation about space of mind and the importance of silence.” He also says the design of the home is “a search for cosmic values of peace and positive energy. Kanye says,”The furnishings are kept to a bare minimum” and “The proportions are the decoration” when speaking about the home. The home really lacks anything personal or anything that really catches the eye.

Kanye West deals with Bipolar Disorder and has had some negative moments in recent years. He was diagnosed with the disorder in 2016. Later on, Kim wrote on the social media platform Instagram “As many of you know, Kanye has bipolar disorder,” and continued speaking about all mental health in general. After some concerning tweets and statements from Kanye, such as him saying highly negative things about the Covid 19 vaccine and Planned Parenthood, Kim expressed her concerns by saying that she believed he was going through a manic period. However, having Bipolar Disorder does not always mean only negatives. 


Kanye played a major part in decisions for the home’s design. With this, his having bipolar disorder could have somewhat influenced how he designed and decorated the home. Many people with bipolar disorder may have depression as well. Individuals with both can struggle with everyday tasks. The simplicity and minimalism all through their house makes things such as cleaning and home care significantly easier. Having a clean, simple area helps a lot with reducing stress and could, in some ways, lessen the possibility of the individual making impulsive or manic decisions. Inconsistency and chaos are also major factors of both having bipolar disorder and depression. The minimalism in their home could be a way to reduce chaos and the stressors that come with a cluttered home. Kanye may see this as a way of attempting to keep peacefulness and calmness. These ideas could very well be represented in the modernized, plain, and open  way he had envisioned and eventually designed the home. 

With just a quick look, you may hate the house. However, taking a further in depth look and using deeper thinking, you could understand his vision and become more fond of the celebrities’ home. And now with Pete Davidson coming around there may be some new decorations like cool posters and other novelties.