Thanksgiving Traditions and Facts You Need To Know About!

Dariyon Andrey, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered about the different traditions families have on holiday or what food is eaten the most on thanksgiving? Well that’s what I’m here for. During the interviews participants were asked if they eat mashed potatoes, If their family does turkey on Thanksgiving, and then if they eat pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving.

From the information collected, 85% of people interviewed said they eat mashed potatoes, 95% people said they eat turkey, and 95% said they eat pumpkin pie

People were also asked during the interview if they had any special Thanksgiving traditions. According to the survey, the most popular tradition was spending time with family. However, there were three answers that stood above the rest. During the interviews the most unique answers were, “We watch The Sound of Music every year at Thanksgiving” by Ms. Brown, “My family switches where Thanksgiving takes place every year” by Chae Kennedy, and “We break the wishbone and whoever gets the longest piece gets to make a wish” by Pluto Robinson.

Some commonly unknown facts, 46 million turkeys are purchased every year for thanksgiving and 35% of families prefer pumpkin pie as their favorite for finishing off their Thanksgiving meal!