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Realization and Fascination

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Total Solar Eclipse

     Just like the blinding ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipses create, their astrological significance can bring change and new blinding perspectives into people’s lives. Solar eclipses are a heavily admired scientific spectacle. It is first and foremost regarded to be a scientific phenomenon where a new moon passes between the sun and earth at just the right moment creating a setting similar to the average night. Solar eclipses are especially fascinating scientifically because during a total solar eclipse, in the path of totality, the sun’s atmosphere (the corona) is the only visible light. This event is not only significant for scientists though as many other people have cultures or beliefs heavily imbued with the moon and sun. These cultural connections can range from superficial media fun to deep historic traditions. One field that is heavily interconnected with the planets at play in a Solar eclipse is astrology. 

     Eclipses in general are chaotic and erratic phenomena. Specifically, a Solar eclipse is defined by a new moon and said new moon reaching, “…the upper and lower boundaries of the elliptical orbit known as Lunar Nodes.” (Nast) The Solar eclipse is a moment on the earth when the expected and predictable is removed without choice leading to what some people refer to as a “cosmic power outage” (Edut). Astrology is highly based on the natural world, hence a Solar eclipse forces people to consider possibilities they would not have explored otherwise. This translates into stark moments of change and revelation. Eclipses are regarded as points where ‘hidden’ matters are brought out into the light to prompt action, “speed along developments, bring swift and sudden opportunities” (Edut), and bring unexpected results. 

     Unfortunately, this generalization is not applicable to every individual in the same way, shape, or form. Astrology in this way is similar to a large web interwoven in drastically tedious ways, no weaving portraying an identical image. The general themes associated with the Solar eclipse are further characterized by the moon phase, lunar nodes, and zodiac signs. 

     New Moons physically occur when the moon is perfectly aligned between the earth and sun leaving the backside of it lit and invisible from the human eye. This moon phase is regarded as a starting point for most people, an opportunity to encourage new beginnings that will grow within the next six months. The physical darkness and absence of life in nature is representative of a blank canvas and, “limitless possibilities” (Edut). This canvas the world presents people with is a gift in which people can set new intentions, actively work towards a new goal, and make wishes. 

     The darkness of a New Moon also represents a lack of accessible intuition, astrologers commenting that a lack of knowing is to be expected. The darkness obscures the moon which is seen as the celestial body that governs intuition leading to a lack of connection to natural intuition of earth. The new beginnings and wild direction of a New Moon paired with the chaos and revelations of a Solar Eclipse create a sense of death and rebirth. Unexpected truths come to life and something typically must end for something new to thrive out of that. 

     The Lunar Nodes are also referred to as the North and South nodes. The Nodes are actual points in the elliptical orbit, the opposite points to the furthest and nearest point of the moon’s rotation in relation to the earth. These nodes represent destiny and the karmic cycle as a whole. The South node is symbolic of the comfort zone, traits someone is familiar with that may be beneficial to step out of. For example a South node in Scorpio can represent heightened emotional dependence, a lack of trust, fear of change, etc. Their corresponding North node would be in their sister sign (the opposite on the zodiac wheel), Taurus. The North Node pushes people out of their comfort zone, the South Node, into the qualities associated with that sign. So, a North Node in Taurus may represent a realization of an individual’s inherent value, staying in one place, doing things the individual loves without shame, etc. 

      The Lunar Nodes paired with the Solar eclipse emphasize the concept of breakthroughs and exiting the comfort zone. Depending on the location of an individual’s North and South node the qualities someone may consider pursuing or expanding towards will be different. The North Node for this Solar Eclipse will be presiding in Aries and the South Node in Libra. The South Node in Libra carries themes of overthinking, putting effort into dead ends, being passive and acting as a mediator. A North Node in Aries advocates for more assertiveness, putting oneself first, and pursuing what one loves actively. These will be prevailing themes in general that can mix and mold into something new with a person’s individual signs and placements. 

     The signs of the zodiac are all unique and connected in an array of ways. Signs can be grouped in many different ways such as by masculine or feminine energy, whether they are cardinal, fixed, or mutable, whether they are fire, earth, air, or water, and more. All these different categories represent a grouping of similar traits the signs share that create a specific blend of characteristics no other sign has. Signs are also individualized by their ruling planets, houses, the time period they rule over, and their historical context. This is how zodiac signs can receive their simplified archetype. For example, Aquarius is coined as the humanitarian, often defined by the simplified phrase “I aspire” (Hohne). They represent rebellion, rationalism, visionaries, and stubbornness. Aquarius receives this mix of traits from its ruling planet, Uranus, it being an air sign, and the strong traits of a fixed sign. 

     A Solar Eclipse will occur in one sign. The sign it is occurring in on April 8th is Leo. Leo is a masculine fire sign and therefore carries themes of attention and self-love. The archetype Leo receives is the performer, defined by its compassion, generosity, inspiration, stubbornness, and domination. One phrase associated with Leo is “I create” (Hohne) and Leo’s traits stem from its ruling planet being the Sun, it being a fire sign, and the unwavering traits of a fixed sign. These ideas paired with the Solar Eclipse prompt an overall theme of unprecedented, needed self reflection and emerging self love. This can be made more specific by analyzing someone’s personal signs and placement in relation to the energy and placements of the Solar Eclipse. 

      There are many more tiny details that change the metaphysical trajectory of the Solar eclipse such as if a North and South Node are in an exalted position or if someones personal planetary placements might trine or square the placements of the Solar Eclipse itself. The Solar Eclipse is more than a scientific phenomenon; its varied impacts make it all the more valuable in society. The Solar Eclipse is a time of fascination, learning, and reflection on not only the outer physical world but the internal mind and world of oneself. 




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