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Summer Spirit!

Callie Peterson, staff May 31, 2024

The hottest temperature recorded in summer was in July of 1913 with a staggering 134 degrees Fahrenheit! One of my favorite hobbies is to watch movies and what better way to end the school year than review...

Spring Forward to Easter!

April 29, 2024

A cool fact to know is that the traditions of an Easter egg hunt are  originally from Germany. With spring break coming upon us, you may be finding yourself with so much time that you don’t know what...

College Decision Making

College Decision Making

April 29, 2024

As a senior, you can’t wait to graduate from high school. To leave everything behind, make new friends, and discover new opportunities, One of the biggest ways to accomplish this is through college....

Best Christmas Movies Ever

Cassie Peterson, Staff December 25, 2023

“Nielsen in 2021 estimated that more than 80 million people watch at least a few minutes of a Hallmark movie each Christmas season.” It’s the best time of the year to watch some Christmas movies...

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Most Resolutions Fail

Beck Bravine, Staff December 25, 2023

I know it sucks to admit,  but statistical information has pointed to the fact that most New Year's resolutions fail. An article written by students of Ohio State University has found that “23% of people...

Two-Edged Policy of This Generation

Two-Edged Policy of This Generation

Callie Peterson, staff September 28, 2023

“Existing studies provide evidence that allowing phones in the classroom negatively impacts test scores and long-term learning retention” (Emily Boudreau). Many students and parents already have a...

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New Car Advice

Jayden Wilson, Staff September 28, 2023

According to Vehicles Authority, “Many people love purchasing expensive and luxury cars to impress their friends and family." From my personal experience, people choose very expensive cars over cars...

Displeased female student bullied by her classmate standing alone in a hallway.

Freshmen Advice!

September 28, 2023

Do you guys remember your freshman year and how scared you probably were? Well I took the time to answer a few questions that some of the freshmen had. Question: How do you get the confidence to talk...

Shows That Shocked The Summer

Shows That Shocked The Summer

Cassie Peterson, Staff September 28, 2023

Approximately 5.4 billion people worldwide have a TV in their homes and watch them when they have free time, wish to relax for a bit, or want some quality time just to watch the shows they love. So what...

Books I Am Looking Forward to Reading in 2022

January 26, 2022

During the last few months of 2021, I read a wide variety of different novels. Some of my favorite novels from those months include It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover and Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor...

A Night to Remember

Haley Bucci, Staff Writer January 20, 2022

Homecoming is a night to remember, whether it’s your freshman year or your senior year. Moments are temporary, but memories last a lifetime. Unfortunately, those on the football team could not attend...

Christmas Movie? That’s a Nightmare!

Jay Overmier, Staff Writer December 22, 2021

All of you reading this have probably watched the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. If you have, then you'll know it has both Christmas and Halloween elements throughout the story line.However,...

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