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Books I Am Looking Forward to Reading in 2022

January 26, 2022

During the last few months of 2021, I read a wide variety of different novels. Some of my favorite novels from those months include It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover and Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor...

A Night to Remember

Haley Bucci, Staff Writer January 20, 2022

Homecoming is a night to remember, whether it’s your freshman year or your senior year. Moments are temporary, but memories last a lifetime. Unfortunately, those on the football team could not attend...

Christmas Movie? That’s a Nightmare!

Jay Overmier, Staff Writer December 22, 2021

All of you reading this have probably watched the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. If you have, then you'll know it has both Christmas and Halloween elements throughout the story line.However,...

The Best Worst Movie

Alivia Hough, Staff Writer December 22, 2021

Have you ever sat pondering about Christmas? Well of course you have, and obviously one of the first words that comes to mind is “the Postal Service”. By all means, I am not a Christmas person let...

Benedict Cumberscratch, Benny


Taylor Button, Staff Writer December 22, 2021

December is a month filled with many celebrations, with Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas being some of the most recognizable. This December however, it is time to acknowledge the most important celebration...

My Christmas Traditions

Sydney Wilson, Staff Writer December 22, 2021

In my household, Christmas is the most important time of the year. We have various traditions that could be seen as typical, and could also be seen as different. When it comes to Christmas in my family,...

Top 10 Christmas Movies

Kendall Mealy, Staff Writer December 22, 2021

Nothing raises my spirits more than a Christmas movie. Whenever I think of Christmas I can’t think of anything other than good and happy memories. I have accumulated 10 Christmas movies that are in no...

Let’s Be Cruelty Free!

Chae Kennedy, Staff Writer November 22, 2021

It is estimated that more than 100 million animals are used in experiments each year in the United States. As someone who adores all animals and has a genuine soft spot for them in my heart, this statement...

Plentiful Pumpkins

Paige Ferry, Advertising Manager October 27, 2021

 Did you know these 16 facts about Pumpkins? The word ‘pumpkin’ comes from the Greek word, pepon, which means a “large melon.” Pumpkins originated in Central America. Pumpkins are actually...


Sydney Wilson, Staff Writer October 27, 2021

Scary stories are an essential part of the fall season, especially when you’re a kid! Here are my top 10.   1. Goosebumps By R.L. Stine: Most parents are so excited when their children are...

Disney’s The Owl House is a Real Hoot!

Taylor Button, Staff Writer October 27, 2021

Witches, magic, portals, and demons are nothing strange in The Owl House, A children’s cartoon on Disney+. Following the story of Luz Noceda, a teenage girl with a wild imagination who finds herself...

Their Culture is Not Your Costume

Jay Overmier, Staff Writer October 27, 2021

Imagine being at a Halloween party and somebody walks into the party in black face and say they are dressed as Kanye West. Anyone would be uncomfortable seeing that and would not be able to justify it....

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