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Freshmen Advice!

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Displeased female student bullied by her classmate standing alone in a hallway.

Do you guys remember your freshman year and how scared you probably were? Well I took the time to answer a few questions that some of the freshmen had.

Question: How do you get the confidence to talk to people and make friends?

Answer: I actually haven’t quite figured that out myself, but I do have some advice for that. Make sure to remember being yourself will bring the best people for you. Joining clubs or teams will also really help. We have a lot of clubs and we have great teams that you can join and that will help you a lot!


Question: How can I get my grades up if they are to fall?

 Answer: Try and turn in any missing assignments. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your teacher if there is work you can do for extra credit.


Question: How were you able to keep up with grades with a lot of homework and with other work piled on top of everything?

 Answer:Having good time management is really helpful. Say you have a study hall, or tutorial, make sure you actually use it for working and not to mess around with friends or sleep.


Question: What is the best way to get good grades?

 Answer: Always turn your work in on time. Also, make sure you pay attention closely in class so you get a good grade.


Question: Is it possible to survive high school alone?

Answer: It is possible to survive high school alone and it’s okay if you choose to do that. However, having at least 1-2 close friends would really help you throughout your highschool experience; not just to survive high school, but to enjoy it too. 


Question: When you are stressed about school work what do you do to become less stressed?

 Answer: One strategy is to just taking a few deep breaths. Then, if you are at home, try focusing on things that make you happy. This really helped me get through a stressful time. Also, if you are in school, taking deep breaths and telling myself that everything is going to work out has been a big help. If it’s in a specific class that is stressing you out, try and talk to that teacher for help and remember there are many people you can talk to for assistance, like the guidance counselors or our intervention specialist, Miss Beaumont. 

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