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New Car Advice

What should you consider as you try and purchase your first car?
Link:| By: AlphaZug

According to Vehicles Authority, “Many people love purchasing expensive and luxury cars to impress their friends and family.” From my personal experience, people choose very expensive cars over cars that are not as expensive but can work just as fine as any other car.

I’ve had many interactions with friends who own different cars, and I didn’t really mind or care that much about other cars or how well made it is to be driven around in, but the same can’t be said for the people I was around that day. I never really thought so much about what determines a good car, but from what almost everyone I’ve spoken to says, it depends on how it looks from the outside perspective, type of tires on the car, how it looks on the inside, and many more. Whenever I described a good car I would always say to myself “I just want a car where I can fit in perfectly and can drive just fine.” I didn’t care if the first car I got was a really old model, I only cared if it could drive well and how comfortable I was riding inside it. People now focus too much on a car from how it looks from the outside instead of focusing on more important features on a car that we all need to take into consideration when getting a new car.

Poor Design Choice

Link:| By: TechZone

From the article written by Vehicles Authority, they state many reasons why expensive cars are a waste of money. Their first point is that it “causes more faulty parts”, and “these contain more complex parts to install comfortable components to attract customers.” I agree with this statement, as expensive cars do indeed have more complex tech to grab more people’s attention. People shouldn’t look forward to getting a car that can cause a lot of confusion when inserting gas into it. In any expensive car most people have trouble spotting the gas tank for the car which just proves both our points of why expensive cars are a waste of money. To add more onto questionable designs, addition to newer made cars are the design of the inside interior. When looking inside of any expensive car that costs over 70,000 in this image it shows an expensive car that is designed to have passengers face to face with each other while sitting in the back.

As seen in this image, we can easily see each seat in the car facing each other, and if they aren’t, they are either too close to the seat in front of them. This makes it so much more harder to even have a comfortable ride as the seat in front of us is 2 inches away. 


Link:| By; CBS

The article previously mentioned also states “customers are attracted to them because of the luxurious features they cannot see in other models and brands.” I can understand the like towards newer car models due to the amount of cushioning on the seats which I agree is a nice feature and isn’t just an weird or unnecessary feature.

Faulty Parts 

Aside from the unnecessary features, what are you going to do when parts of your car breaks down? You had enough money to afford the car but, enough to even repair it? Faulty parts become a big issue with owning an expensive car that not many people think about all that much. The difference between any regular car breaking down compared to a highly made car’s parts running out have a vast difference when it comes to money. For this scenario let’s say both the regular car and the expensive one have terrible motors that need repairing and you decide to fix them because you need a car to get around with, when taking your car to the mechanic you’ll be waiting quite a long time for your car to be fixed while also waiting to see how much it costs. Mechanics are normally known to scam their customers with us not knowing much of it so in this situation he/she might purposefully damage another part of your car for you to come back to pay him/her. If you need your expensive car repaired, mechanics know that they can take so much money from you from ruining your car and making you come back, not like you’d have enough to pay for the repairs anyway. If all your money goes into this one expensive car you were saving up for all this time, what leftover money do you have to repair the damages on it? With any normal working car you’d still have enough money to repair the damages not spending it all on such an expensive car.

Link:| Written by Jack Sackman


Increase of Stress

The article made a section about the stress level of owning a car. They make a fair point for their argument. They state that “people who have these really expensive cars have to worry about the fact that their car doesn’t get damaged just a slight bit”, as this can lead to the statement that I listed above about repairing a newer model. Anyone with any type of car doesn’t want their car damaged a tiny bit, but the stress level isn’t as bad as you owning a new tesla and hoping no one or anything ruins it so you don’t have to waste anymore money.


Link:| By, the people at AARUHS UNIVERSITY

Another great point brought up by this article is that “people do not drive comfortably on the road to protect their vehicles from sudden collisions. You cannot park them in open areas because of the threat of thieves.” Nowadays, crimes are much more of a problem in modern society and can happen to your car when not supervising it. Many popular singers encounter thieves who have robbed so much from them that was left in their car. 


Same Features

People that buy the previously made models and assume that they are so different from the cars most of the world owns. However, new cars almost have the exact same features as any car that was made in 2019. New models still most of the time use the same material and structure for new cars. Most of the time this isn’t the case with most people. People mostly buy new ones to show off and look good which is another way to not spend your money.

Link:| By; Acura


Save Money

As I stated many times, it’s very important to save money. I stated the same for faculty parts to have enough money to repair your car, if you waste so much money on a new model that can do a serious dent can really cause a strain on your spending. It will do so much damage that you won’t even be able to repair the car you once wasted all your money on. Not only do you have to worry about repairs you also need to worry about more important things like human hygiene, food, electricity, so much more that helps you then it will with a car. A car is important but spending so much money on one single car that can make you lose half of your money to not have enough to support yourself doesn’t make it much of a good car in the end.

Link:| By: FinanceBuzz


In conclusion, whether you are able to obtain the car you want or not doesn’t really matter to most of us. I’d take any old model rather than to waste all my savings on a really expensive car, and I intend to follow everything that my research suggested above and take it into consideration especially saving my money. If you still have an interest in newer models, then don’t let my opinion make you sacrifice something you enjoy, however, try not to go broke!



Why Expensive Cars Are a Waste of Money?

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