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Strange Work Stories

Copyright and Photograph rights: Andrea Piacquido

Do you look forward to the weird and obscure in your day?

Most people have an expectation for their average work day. Some people prefer the mundane typical safety of their job, and some people would prefer to have some excitement at work. Either way, sometimes people and things happen regardless that make you crack up or sit down and question a few things. I went around and asked a few students for their strangest or funniest story from work. 

Firstly, taking care of the elderly can be an experience. Challenging but fulfilling, usually you know for the most part what to expect. One day, while working at Wesbury, Alexis Hahn, a senior, was cleaning tables after serving lunch to the elders: “He began to walk away giggling” until Alexis realized why he was laughing. He had farted “three times and kept walking away.” Alexis shared that she couldn’t help but laugh and only didn’t really care as she “couldn’t smell it anyway!”I asked if she appreciated these surprises in her work days or if she preferred a mundane but predictable work routine. She commented,“I loved it, it made me giggle” as she reflected on the funny experience.

Secondly, customer service is a nightmare at times. I asked Joe Heimbrook, a senior, about a strange work story and he reflected back on his early first months at KFC. I learned that when he was “14 during my first few months at KFC” and a woman wished to tip him as a show of gratitude in the drive through. Joe held out his hand “assuming it would be some crumpled cash” or something alike. He found himself holding three cigarettes! As a 14 year old at your first serious job, it’s a bit shocking when an elderly woman, who wants to tip you, gives you three loose cigarettes and refuses to take them back. Unable to convince the lady to take her cigarettes back, Joe said he had to accept them and “threw them away once she drove away” because what more could you do. 

The strangest part of it all though was when she began to drive away “she murmured a prayer in a foreign language.” Joe said he had no idea and never heard this language in his life. He wasn’t even sure if the language was real or this lady had made it up. Joe shared that he appreciated strange or funny things happening in his day but only really when they’re “manageable.” Due to his newness at his job it was an event that made him stand there and go “what just happened?”

Thirdly, meetings with higher ups can be intimidating, especially when you’re an intern. Wyatt Stanton, a senior, told me a story of his time at Acutec. One day the interns were informed there would be a meeting during the typical lunch time with the higher up so they could introduce themselves to the interns. Wyatt shows up to this meeting and “everyone has lunch with them.” He does not, which prompts one of the higher ups to speak with him. He asks Wyatt, “why don’t you have a lunch with you?” and Wyatt answers that “he thought this was a catered event.” Wyatt proceeds to share that he walked out of the meeting room and never came back. He went to get food at a food truck outside. I asked him if anything happened because of him walking out and not returning, but he informed me that everyone there just found it funny! I asked Wyatt if he prefers fun and strange events in a work day and he eagerly agreed that he “wants exciting things to happen” during his work days. He is always looking for something new thrown at him.

Ultimately, It seems the unexpected is welcomed in peoples daily routines, to an extent. I don’t think anyone really hopes a lady in the drive thru gives them cigarrattes as a tip normally but other silly occurances seem to be wanted in some peoples opinions.

If you have any strange or funny stories of your own feel free to share in the comments.

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