Citizens of China Fight for Their Freedom Against Zero-Covid Policy


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On November 28, 2022, CCN posted an article, “Protests Erupt Across China in Unprecedented Challenge to Xi Jinping’s Zero-Covid Policy”, and reporters say, “But three years into the pandemic, many people have been pushed to the brink by the government’s incessant use of lockdowns, Covid tests, and quarantine – as well as ever-tightening censorship and continued onslaught on personal freedoms.” Thousands of citizens all over the country of China are protesting the strict zero-Covid policy that had been implemented by the country’s leader, Xi Jinping when China saw its first major outbreak back in 2020. According to DW, “China’s zero-COVID policy is an attempt to prevent any community spread of the coronavirus. To achieve this goal the country has enacted some draconian measures, implementing a strategy of using strict, targeted lockdowns and mass testing.” The protests first began on November 15, 2022, in Guangzhou, a city in southern China. Citizens took to the streets in response to the lockdowns placed on their city after a rise in COVID-19 cases. From then on, more and more cities began protesting and flooding the streets.


Protests became even more major following an unfortunate fire that began in an apartment building and sadly took the lives of 10 people. When videos of the scene soon emerged that suggested China’s zero-Covid policy delayed firefights and paramedics from entering the scene until it was ultimately too late, people were outraged. Reporters for CNN said, “Brewing anger over the fire deaths led to remarkable acts of defiance in Shanghai, where many of its 25 million residents hold deep resentment toward the government’s zero-Covid policy after being subjected to a two-month lockdown in the spring.” During a candlelight vigil held on Urumqi Road to mourn the victims of the devasting fire, the crowd held up blank sheets of paper. Traditionally, holding up white paper is a symbolic protest against censorship in China. However, in this circumstance, protesters wrote on the paper, “Need human rights, need freedom.” Protesters all around the tourn country shouted remarks arguing that their leader and the Communist Party need to “step down” and that they “don’t want dictatorship, want democracy.”


At a news conference, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian diverted questions about the protests and claimed that social media posts linking the unfortunate fire with Covid policies had “ulterior motives.” Multiple issues have occurred during this policy where people are being treated poorly and unfairly. Since China refuses to import any type of international vaccine for this unfortunate virus, more and more citizens must undergo intensive testing and restrictive lockdown measures. These lockdown measures guarantee absolute zero contact with the outside world and placement in your household or, in some cases, quarantine facilities, for weeks on end. Due to this type of treatment, and the policy overall, many believe that their rights are being taken from them.





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