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Are you a morning person? I know I’m not a fan of getting up early, and most students are not either, but have you ever thought about how early a teacher gets up for school in the morning also? I interviewed the  teachers of Meadville High School about their day, inside and outside of school, to get an inside look about their day. 

It seems teachers get up early in the morning and they have a lot of responsibilities to do before they get to school as well as us students. Mr. Obenrader, a history teacher in particular, is very scheduled. He likes to get up in the morning at 4:02, and go lift in the gym. Most of the teachers also have kids too; Mrs. Hovis for example, a health and lifetimes wellness teacher, gets up at 5:30 to get ready for the day and drops her daughter off at school.

Mr. Obenrader

Teachers still have busy mornings once they get to school. They have lesson plans to prepare for their classes, as teachers typically teach 7 out of 8 classes, so they need their materials ready. Miss Diorio, and English teacher, said “balance is key.” She prepares by thinking about the unit given in class, so her lesson plans are based on the skill level of her students and what they are ready for or not ready for. Mrs. Kline has taught 3 out of her 4 classes and from teaching them classes she uses what she used in the past, but for her new class she has to figure out how she is going to teach it and make it comfortable for her students as well as her.

Miss Diorio

Just like students, teachers have hobbies, because everyone has something different they like to do with their day! Mrs. Hovis is a very active person outside of school; she likes to cook, make pottery, go mountain biking and hike. Then you have other teachers who are more relaxed like Miss Diorio. She likes to play the clarinet outside of school and sometimes in school, she helps out with the band when they need her or when she can.

Mrs. Hovis

Everyone has embarrassing moments, because we all have done something that was so embarrassing you don’t even want to remember what happened. Mr. Bender aka ( The Bad Word Guy ) was in class one day and got frustrated and said a bad word. However, he said that was not the most embarrassing part, but it was when the students teased,” we know what you said!” and he felt embarrassed as a teacher.

Mr. Bender

Interviewing the teachers made me realize that they do such much more than just sit behind a desk or stand at the board and talk. We should always appreciate our teachers and staff because they work very hard to give us the education we need to get through high school and our future.

Mrs. Kline
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