Official Office Runners


Grayson Braymiller, Staff Writer

School office staff handle administrative duties like answering calls, ordering supplies, handling information, and maintaining attendance. So in order to help out our hard working secretaries, administration let students volunteer as office runners. The office runners are a group of students that gave up a study hall so that they can help out our school secretaries. I interviewed three of the office runners, Raya Hunter, John Lynch, and Kayleen Harkness. I asked them how they became office runners and according to Raya, they asked at the beginning of the year, but you could probably become an office runner if you went to the office and asked about joining. When asked what skills they gained from being an office runner, John Lynch said, “I learned how to be more social.” Kayleen agreed that the job helps you more socially and Raya Hunter said “you get to talk to more people so it helps you socially.” The office runners spend their entire assigned period running passes to students or grabbing students from classes meaning that they have to talk to many different teachers and students. I spoke to one of the school secretaries about the office runners and when I asked if  making office runners was a good idea she said “absolutely, because it helps us continue to answer the phone and direct people to where they need to go. The office runners can hand out appointment passes and get students to where they need to be.” The office runners are a necessity to help the office run smoothly, and the office runners are allowed to work on their school work just as they would in an actual study hall with the added bonus of being able to go around the school when handing out passes or getting students. There are 11 office runners in total. During 1st, 4th, and 6th period there is one office runner in the office. During 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 7th period there are two office runners, and there are no office runners during 8th period. The office runners include Kayleen Harkness, Cienna Guthrie, Megan Puleio, Tiffany Peterson, Rayaira Rhoades, Peyton Millard, John Lynch, Raya Hunter, Connor Deuel, Alex Simonette, and Chris Ualotu. These students help out the secretaries everyday, and I hope this elective continues so more students are able to get involved.