Ways We Can Conserve Trees!

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Chae Kennedy, Staff Writer

Imagine being able to go outside and smell the fresh air, enjoy the beautiful scenery of trees and various plants. Now, imagine going outside and having the scent of polluted air fill your senses, looking out at the scenery that contains dead plants and a void of trees. David Nowak, a senior US Forest Service scientist and co-author of an environmental study, tells CNN, “cities will become warmer, more polluted, and generally more unhealthy for inhabitants.” Our planet is in a crisis now, we are losing trees back and forth.

Conserving trees is a vital process we need to start doing. If we do not start this movement, as David Nowak expressed in his quote at the top of the page, cities will increase in temperature and become extremely polluted. The United States Environmental Protection Agency tells us higher temperatures could mean more heatwaves, resulting in illnesses such as heat strokes, heat cramps and could potentially lead to death. Cities with pollution are an extreme health hazard. Polluted areas have often been linked to risks of strokes, heart attacks, lung cancer, and respiratory diseases such as asthma, says sources from Oransi, a conservational website.

We need to start conserving trees because of what they provide for us.  Trees provide healthy oxygen for us, without it, BBC News reports, “the human body can survive only for a few minutes before the biological processes that power its cells begin to fail.” Climate amelioration is another helpful source that trees provide. Climate amelioration is the positive influence of forests on climate change. Trees, as well, support wildlife, and wildlife has a major role in our lives-they provide food and materials for us.

To help protect the environment, here are three ways in which you can conserve trees:

  • Buying paper from recycled material. Instead of cutting down millions of trees a year to supply paper, start buying paper made from recycled materials!
  • Abandon the usage of paper products when cleaning. Using a piece of cloth or fabric is a better option when it comes to cleaning.
  • Planting more trees! Simply planting a tree in your backyard or anywhere legal, can benefit in many ways, including providing better and more efficient oxygen as well as supporting the wildlife in your community.





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