MASH’s Students of the Month!


Siobhan Brown, Staff Adviser

MASH is proud to announce that we have begun a Student of the Month program. The Student of the Month Award is an effort to recognize our students who show excellence of character and academics, in and outside the classroom. Especially during a global pandemic when it feels like there is constantly negativity spreading, we as a school want to take this opportunity to counteract it with showcasing the virtuous students who impact and brighten our school everyday with their good spirits and genuine positivity.

Teachers and staff are asked every month to nominate students they see who demonstrate the core values we at MASH expect from our students: kindness, compassion, respect, perseverance, and integrity. One nominated student from each grade level is chosen each month and will receive a certificate that includes the kind words of the teacher(s) who nominated them, and a variety of prizes donated from generous local businesses. We are so grateful and overwhelmed with the giving and willing spirit of our Meadville community, and neighboring communities, who want to be a part of this program that encourages and uplifts our young people.

Participating businesses include:

  • Crawford Central Community Foundation
  • Harmony Formals
  • Lily Savannah Photography
  • Tattered Corners
  • Heart Reach Neighborhood Ministries (Youngstown, OH)
  • Indigo Boutique & Botanica
  • No Place Like Home Decor & Backroad Boutique
  • Hill, Barth, and King CPA Firm

We are so excited to announce our winners for the months of October and November:

October 2021 Recipients:

9th Grade- Mason Hoke

10th Grade- William Gray

11th Grade- LaDonnivin Mosley

12th Grade- Katie Volna

Mason Hoke
William Gray
LaDonnivin Mosley
Katie Volna














November 2021 Recipients:

9th Grade- Elyzae Eaton

10th Grade- Nefertiti Luce

11th Grade- Stephon Taylor

12th Grade- Meghan Willis

*Elyzae Eaton not pictured yet

Nefertiti Luce
Stephon Taylor








Meghan Willis







Congratulations students, thank you for making MASH proud!

*The next Student of the Month Award recipients will be announced on this website on December 22, 2021. Stay tuned!