A Colleague’s Christmas

Paige Ferry, Advertising Manager

This month is, of course, the holiday season, so the teachers gave their opinions on Christmas songs, movies, and their favorite memories from the holidays. The teachers that were interviewed were Ms. Brown, Carter, Porter, Williams, Jones/Zamperini, Dahlkemper, and Mr. Obenrader. If you’ve never heard of these movies or songs, maybe you should try giving them a chance. One of your favorite teachers probably has the same favorite as you!

Mrs. Williams, the art teacher here at MASH, was the first to be interviewed. She said her favorite Christmas movie is the original Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Her favorite song, she stated “not one in particular, any of them”. Finally, her favorite Christmas memory is always watching Rudolph with her family for Christmas.

Miss Brown, an English teacher at MASH, stated her favorite movie is called The Holiday and her favorite song was “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey. Lastly, her favorite memory is always watching cheesy cringy Christmas movies with her mom on Christmas, probably Hallmark movies.

Mrs. Carter, another English teacher, stated her favorite movie is Home Alone and her favorite song, ironically, was “anything BUT Mariah Carey”…sorry Miss Brown. Carter’s Christmas memory is about one Christmas, her biker uncle rode his motorcycle to her house with teddy bears tied to the back of it for her and her siblings.

Mr. Obenrader could not wait to be interviewed. Students at MASH know Mr. O as their history/civics teacher. He stated that his favorite movie is A Christmas Carol with George C. Scott, and his favorite song is “The Little Drummer Boy” from Pentatonix. Pentatonix seems to be a favorite among the teachers which is agreeable. Finally, his favorite Christmas memory was the Christmas he proposed to his wife. 

Ms. Dahlkemper is the last teacher interviewed. Students have Ms. Dahlkemper as their internet or accounting teacher. She said her favorite movie is Elf and favorite song is another Pentatonix song, “Joy To The World.” Her favorite Christmas Memory is waking up in the early mornings on Christmas and playing cards with her brother because they weren’t allowed to open presents until parents were awake and the tree lights were on.

Were there any teachers you were surprised with by their answers? Did you relate to any of the teachers’ choices? If there was a movie or song you didn’t recognize, maybe try watching or listening to it to see if those teachers have good taste in movies/music.