The Kpop Corner: Valentine’s Day Top 10

The Kpop Corner: Valentines Day Top 10

Taylor Button, Staff Writer, Student Treasurer

Who doesn’t love a good love song? Valentine’s Day is coming up, so for my first installment of The K-pop Corner, I decided to make a list of my top 10 love-related K-pop songs!

1. Mr. Chu – Apink

A song about sharing a kiss with their “Mr. Chu” that leaves them all shaken up, this addition to the list is the iconic love song of the second generation of K-pop. “Chu” itself is the sound a kiss makes, and this song uses that to deliver a cute concept, perfect for Valentine’s Day.


2. What is Love? – TWICE

What does love feel like? That’s the main question of this song. The girls of TWICE wonder what it will feel like when love comes to them, and if it will be like it is in the dramas they watch. When you add in it’s fun music video and replay value, this song definitely deserves it’s spot in this list.


3. Euphoria – BTS (Jungkook)

Euphoria is a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness, and that’s what this song is all about. Whether the love presented in this song is romantic or platonic is up to interpretation, but either way, it’s a very sweet song. Telling someone they are the cause of your euphoria is an intense compliment and a nice sentiment that matches this list quite well.


4. Love Scenario – iKON

“Love Scenario” is more on the sad side, as it is a breakup song. That doesn’t stop it from being catchy though. In fact, this song is infamous for being banned in schools because students couldn’t stop singing it! The lyrics are very emotional, and enough to touch anyone’s heart. That’s why this song by iKON has earned its place in the list.


5. Psycho – Red Velvet

“Psycho” recounts the story of a relationship with drastic ups and downs. The girl feels like a psycho after pressure from outside telling her that the relationship doesn’t make sense due to the constant fighting it brings. She thinks that she and her significant other are fools for not being able to leave each other, but in the end feels like they’ll be okay together, not minding what anyone thinks about them. The unique sound and story of this song combine to make one of Red Velvet’s best songs of all time, securing them a comfortable spot in this list.


6. Blueming – IU

In this song, IU describes texting her love as making roses bloom with her thumbs, thinking of the text boxes as their secret garden. She anticipates every message, unable to think about anything else in the meantime. The lyrics are poetic, and the song is upbeat and perfect for dancing to, making it a perfect addition to this list.


7. Oh My! – Seventeen

“Oh My!” is a sweet song about a person who doesn’t know how to approach their feelings for someone. It has very pure and wholesome energy which is very refreshing to listen to. The cute lyrics and catchy melody contribute to the song’s charm, which is something people love about it that makes it great for Valentine’s Day.


8. Baby – Astro

This song is another upbeat one, focused on a person’s feelings for someone. The singer finds it hard to sleep because they get too distracted thinking about their crush, wondering if said crush has the same dreams that they do. The music video is cool to watch, and comes with neat choreography too! Overall, “Baby” is very addictive and fun to listen and sing along to.


9. Forever Young – Blackpink

“Forever Young” shows the energy of youth, and how passionately young people feel their emotions. The girl in this song believes that as long as she is with the person she loves, she could die in that moment and she would have used her youth with no regrets. The message is very powerful which is why it deserves to be on this list.


10. Cat & Dog – TXT

Last but not least, we have a song about being so devoted to your love that you want to be their pet to stay with them 24/7. Full of cat and dog themed lyrics, this song is forever in the minds of K-pop fans who went through the time when every video was memeing on it. While the premise sounds a little funny, the song is actually very catchy, and even has an English version available if that’s your thing. All in all, TXT’s “Cat & Dog” is an iconic love song from the fourth generation, which is why it has the honor of closing out this list.


Honorable Mentions

Some songs that I really like that weren’t able to make it on this list include:

  • Millions – WINNER
  • Replay – SHINee
  • Oh my God – (G)I-DLE
  • Polaroid Love – ENHYPEN


You can find these songs on Spotify and YouTube, so be sure to check them out!