Let’s Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness!

Every year on February 17, National Random Acts of Kindness Day begins. Random Acts of Kindness Day is celebrated by individuals nationwide to encourage acts of kindness. This movement helps inspire people everywhere. Not only do acts of kindness bring happiness and joy to the receiver, but it also encourages a positive feeling towards the giver too! Random Acts of Kindness Day was first created in Denver, Colorado in 1995 by a small nonprofit group, The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. According to www.daysoftheyear.com, “The idea behind this holiday is to make the world a better place by spreading a little light around and to make kindness a part of our everyday lives.”.


Random Acts of Kindness are not just given and shown on February 17, but every day! I have asked five of my fellow schoolmates, “What was the kindest thing someone has ever done for them?”. Each response I was given was unique, whether it was being about friends and family or someone they have never met before; this truly shows that kindness is spread everywhere throughout different people. Sara Pifer, one of my closest friends and fellow schoolmate, told me that the kindest thing someone has ever done for her was when she had tripped in the hallway and spilled her things everywhere, and a kind student-someone she had never talked to-helped picked up her stuff and make sure she was alright. Cerese Litzsinger, another of my close friends and classmate, said “Once someone had paid for my family and I’s groceries.” Cerese informed me that she and her family appreciated this gesture so much that they went and paid the favor forward by buying someone else groceries. Cameron Arpin said, “My friends continuously helping me with schoolwork.”, and Camden Hall said, “The time my friends got together to surprise me for my birthday.” Peyton Gorney greatly expressed the kindness his mother shows him whether it be through always supporting him and his siblings, to continue being there during hospital stays.”


Random Acts of Kindness Day is celebrated on February 17, and you should make it a goal for yourself to do one small or big act of kindness for someone. Ways in which you can show kindness can be in various ways, including leaving a kind note for someone, sharing words of encouragement, thanking the people in your life for everything they have done, and even just smiling at someone you may or may not know can be an act of kindness. Acts of kindness are easy gifts and spreading kindness to friends, family, and people you don’t even know could always brighten someone’s day!