Welcoming the New Staff!

Jay Overmier, Staff Writer

Meadville Area Senior High is welcoming many new teachers and staff this school year. Many of us students have the opportunity to meet them and be in their classes. As well as we are, they have been getting adjusted and settling into MASH.  I have gone around our school and interviewed each of the new teachers. They’ve shared their thoughts on MASH and many other details. Each teacher that I’ve spoken to was excited for this year, both in and out of school!

Mr. Skelley, Dean of Students & English Teacher 

The first staff member I talked to was Mr. Skelley. Although he’s not new to the building, he is in a new and very different position this year. He went from being an English teacher to the Dean of Students. One of the first questions asked was “what is your favorite part of being the Dean?” He replied saying that he really enjoys being more active and involved. He also says he likes to be able to travel from class to class meeting new students and interacting during classes. When asked, Mr. Skelley says that the thing that stood out most about being dean was that it gave him a better chance to be more impactable towards us, the students, and he is able to make and be part of the bigger decisions within the school. 

Mrs. Duckworth, Behavioral Interventionist 

The second teacher interviewed was Mrs. Duckworth. She has come to MASH with a great attitude and says she’s received the same. She stated “it’s(MASH) a very welcoming culture” when asked how she’s doing and settling into MASH. Mrs. Duckworth is an interventional specialist and had gone to school for her specific job in the school. Outside of school she spends time with her kids, taking them to soccer games and practices and attending concerts with her husband. 

Mr. Wilson, Math Teacher 

The third teacher I spoke to was Mr. Wilson. This year was Mr. Wilson’s first year as a licensed teacher, however, he had been a substitute teacher before. He said that our school is quite different from his last teaching position but that the staff is very kind and supportive. He said that before, in his previous teaching job, there were block schedules rather than periods and with that he did say that he prefers the block scheduling. When asked what he enjoys out of school he says he likes to read, watch TV, and listen to music. He is an assistant soccer coach outside of school. Another question was, “is there anything that you are looking forward to this year either in or outside of school?” His response was he was looking forward to a brand new Sonic game which is to be launched in 2022 and a brand new book about Pokémon. 

Ms. Herberg, Guidance Counselor 

The fourth staff member I talked to was Ms. Herberg. She’s a new guidance counselor at MASH. She had previously worked in MAMS and Second District Elementary. She says that she enjoys high school a bit more because it gives opportunities for one-on-one conversations with students. She says that something she’s looking forward to this year is decorating her office and her son’s college graduation. She enjoys going to the ocean and going on family vacations. Something in school that she enjoys is getting to know the students. 

Mrs. Ladebu, Video Productions & English Teacher 

The fifth teacher I talked to was Mrs. Ladebu. She enjoys hiking, running, cooking and reading. Her favorite books are historical fiction and biographies. This year she says the thing  she’s most looking forward to is officially adopting her fourth child on October 8th. She’s also looking forward to the fall season, thanksgiving and the good feeling that fall brings to her. Mrs. Ladebu is new to teaching, but is loving it here at MASH. She says that some of the things she loves about teaching are the excitement and the diversity throughout our school. Something she likes in her classroom is the open discussions and people sharing opinions.


Mrs. Herbstritt, Autism Support Teacher 

The next teacher that I spoke to was Mrs. Herbstritt. Prior to working at MASH she worked at MAMS. This school year Mrs. Herbstritt is looking forward to new growth and improvement in the classroom. Outside of school she enjoys going for walks, going to the gym and spending time with her friends. Mrs. Herbstritt is passionate about helping people to stay healthy and happy. 

Mr. Crites, Math Teacher 

The seventh teacher that I interviewed was Mr. Crites. Over quarantine he spent a lot of time playing chess, video games and watching and following up on sports. Mr. Crites really likes Pittsburgh Panthers football team. This year Mr. Crites is looking forward to a good year and is hoping to have good opportunities. He hopes to have his classes do projects and find good ways to keep them entertained while learning. 

Ms. Williams, Art Teacher 

The last teacher I talked to was Ms. Williams. Before teaching at Meadville High School she had taught kindergarten through twelfth grade at a charter school. She is excited for her students to work on projects and to see their abilities and work. Outside of school Ms. Williams enjoys gardening and doing art. She also really likes summer because it gives her time to relax and work on things. So far this school year she thinks MASH is enjoyable and her students have good attitudes and are happy. 


With new teachers, new students and new opportunities we are hoping for an amazing year at MASH. I have gotten the chance to meet new teachers and learn more about them. By doing so, I got to know them and I enjoyed this time and I encourage other students to get to know their teachers!