Women in Our Lives


Collection of the New-York Histo

Women’s Strike for Peace-And Equality, Women’s Strike for Equality, Fifth Avenue, New York, New York, August 26, 1970. (Photo by Eugene Gordon/The New York Historical Society/Getty Images)

Anna Bish, Staff Writer

Women. They have been through so much and were completely “nonexistent” in the so-called, “Man’s World”. We’ve accomplished so much and honestly, women don’t get enough credit for what they do on a daily basis. They face sexism daily. Some countries treat them like they’re some type of meat. So, I wanted to make this article and give credit to the women in our lives, whether they are famous or just ordinary people, they still deserve the recognition. I interviewed a few teachers in the Highschool about women in their lives that inspired them to be who they are today. 

Mrs. Foulk (Guidance Counselor):

The guidance counselor for our school, Mrs. Foulk. She stated that one of the women that made her who she is today was her second grade teacher, Mary-Anne. Foulks’ parents divorced when she was younger and she had to move from the only place she knew about, and came to Meadville. It was one of her biggest moves and it changed her life completely. At the time, she had no friends when she came to Meadville and felt like she stuck out like a sore thumb, but Mary-Anne was always there and very kind and supportive to her. Mrs. Foulk states, “She was one of the kindest people I knew.” 

Mr. Androstic (History Teacher): 

One of our history teachers, Mr. Androstic, has stated that his daughter is someone in his  life that inspired him to be who he is today. His daughter has taught him to be kind to everyone and be compassionate. She pushed him to be better and made him realize that you should always be kind to everyone no matter what. Androstic also said that Alice Paul is someone that he would choose that changed our society today. Alice Paul is known for being a women’s activist.

Mrs. Zamperini (English Teacher): 

An English teacher in the high school, Mrs. Zamperini chose her mom as a female role model that inspired her. Her mom pushed Zamperini everyday to work hard for what she wanted. She gives to people even when she doesn’t have much of her own. Mrs. Zamperini was also taught to be kind. She also stated that she wants to be just like her mom when she has children in the future. 

Mrs. Hasychak (Family & Consumer Science Teacher): 

Mrs. Hasychak, our Family and Consumer Science teacher, said her grandma Bertie was a woman that inspired her. Bertie was always there for Hasychak and constantly supported her throughout her life. Mrs. Hasychak stated that she made everyone happy and was an angel to everyone that she talked to. Hasychak also stated that Sally Bly was someone that changed our society for the better. Bly made everyone realize that all of us are equal and to look at everyone the same.