Top Halloween Movies!

Chae Kennedy, Staff Writer

Do you enjoy watching Halloween movies? I know I do. The exact feeling of being curled up inside of your blankets with your hands over your eyes, just waiting for that jump scare you know is coming, is one of my favorite feelings. Here is a compiled list of my top favorite Halloween movies for this spooky season.


Number Five: Nightmare on Elm Street

Nightmare on Elm Street is a well-crafted cinematic masterpiece, the movie captures many different elements, including the special effects showcase. The scenes from the movie are exceedingly excellent as they represent our normal fears towards evil invading our personal spaces, like our homes and rooms.





Number Four: Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th‘s basic storytelling during the entire movie is brilliant. The specific storyline helps hide the identity of the killer, along with figuring out which characters will be the survivors. The writers and directors did a fantastic job in the making of this movie.





Number Three: Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters is an iconic and hilarious movie. When I am in the mood for a not-so-scary, spooky movie, Ghostbusters is always my go-to. The humor and interactions between the characters are what really make this movie special. Watching the protagonists’ reactions to such situations always gives me a good laugh.





Number Two: Scream

Scream has a dark humor plotline more than it does “horror”. I enjoy Scream‘s more modern-day teenage angst and romance with a killer running around. The plot twist at the end of the movie is such a surprise it makes you want to scream! This movie always has me coming back for more. The acting and writing of this movie were beyond brilliant and had me feeling as if I were in the movie.



Number One: Halloween

Halloween is my favorite thriller/horror movie of all time. The movie suspense is what really kicks it off for me. Throughout the entire movie, I am always hiding behind a blanket or covering my face with my hands, waiting for those jump scares. The whole movie has you on edge and feeling anxious about what is to come. The screenplay and setting of the movie bring it to life, making you want to sleep with one eye open and the lights on. Halloween is an extraordinary thrilling movie to watch and become addicted to.


The best feelings during the haunting season of October are always the awesome movies you get to watch and enjoy. These movies are a great way to start off the season! If you enjoy Halloween movies and aren’t afraid of a little blood while feeling terrified, then I recommend all these movies for you!