True Crime: The Life Of The Night Stalker

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Copyright @Wikipedia

Kendall Mealy, Staff Writer

Richard Ramirez more famously known as “The Night Stalker”, is one of the most famous serial killers to walk the Earth. He was born on February 29, 1960. Richard’s father was an angry man, often he would commit physical violence on his family. At the ages of two and six Richard suffered two major head injuries. One led to epileptic seizures until his teenage years. His cousin Miguel, a Vietnam war veteran, taught Richard to kill. When Richard was 13 he witnessed Miguel shoot his wife as a result of an argument.That was the first time Richard had experienced death. Richard went into the living room shortly after her death and went through her purse to find her ID. Ever since that day Richard said, “I was intrigued.” The crazy in the family doesn’t stop there, his sister Ruth invited him to live with her. Her husband taught Richard how to spy on people through the windows.


Richard’s first killing was June 28, 1984, he killed a 79 year old woman during a burglary. 13 more murders were committed by Richard and Los Angeles was on the watch. At the crime scene’s police found symbols like inverted pentagons. Word started getting out about Richard and the media gave him the name “The Night Stalker.” Local people recognised him from his mugshot, they beat him and held him down until the police could get there. Richard was arrested on August 31, 1985. Richard was found guilty of his crimes by a jury about 4 years after his arrest and was later sentenced to death. It is insane to think and someone would want to take the life of another innocent person. Surprisingly Richard’s motives were simple, he didn’t have grudges, he just believed in Satan. In an interview Richard said this “I believe in Satan. I believe evil is a force that is beyond us, and that we just have to invite him in, and he will.”


As crazy as it may sound Richard got a lot of attention from women, he had many fangirls after his picture hit the media. In 1996 he even got married. Doreen Lioy, a freelance magazine editor, was proposed to by Richard in 1988 while he was on death row. On October 3, 1996 Richard and Doreen were married. On June 7, 2013 Richard died of leukemia in a Greenbrae, California hospital. He may be dead now but the story of “The Night Stalker” will go on forever.